My whole life, I have dreamed about the perfect woman for me…..someone I could laugh with, be spontaneous with, have deep conversations with, do absolutely nothing with, eat way to much food with, go to church with, make music videos in the grocery store with…. and most importantly, be myself…

PLEASE CLICK THE TITLE “Big News from Us” TO READ THE WHOLE THING! I love this man more than you can ever imagine. SO EXCITED about sharing this BIG NEWS with you all! This blog will explain it all.. <3

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it was all @mitchellgrey’s idea .. i’m the victim here! LOL 


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my aussie best friend is cuter than yours! <3

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i’ve just now realized that i have recently hit 500 followers! just wanted to say thank you to each & everyone of you for the follow & support! it means a lot to me! i hope to never disappoint with my blogs & updates! you are all super special!

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carissa rae

good morning all! thanks for the sweet lovin’ on my most recent post!

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My New Favorite Old Sweater!

hello friends!

so last friday, i worked on another one of my minor alteration projects! this time.. a new old sweater! as some of you may know, i love thrift shopping. more than half of my closet is thrifted. so you may find me browsing around at some of the nearest thrift stores for it is surely one of my favorite pastimes!

anyway, a couple of weeks ago i was sifting through some of the clothes at the Goodwill store near my house, & i stumbled upon a wonderful medium-sized sweater made by Yarnworks that had great potential. when i find something i like, i make sure to carefully examine the product to make certain that it is still in good shape. it was then when i noticed the terribly tattered buttons. i knew i had to replace them right away.. so i did just that!

a couple of days after the purchase was made, i hurried over to Jo-ann fabrics & crafts store (a new favorite!) in search for the perfect button replacements. i was amazed to see a whole aisle strictly dedicated to buttons! so many various shapes, sizes, colors & textures! i was in button heaven! haha..

with me, i brought along one of the old buttons as a reference for size. i knew i wanted to get black buttons, but i wanted them to have some sort of detail to add some character to the piece. that is when i found these! (kindly see the photoset above..) the most lovely set of shiny anchor buttons. recently i’ve been quite obsessed with the whole anchor & sailor theme, so these could not have been any more perfect!

after purchasing them, it was an easy fix. all i had to do was carefully snip the thread attaching the old buttons & hand-sew the new ones on. it only took a couple of minutes! it is so wonderful how such a little addition can do so much! it has quickly become my go-to sweater. & it’s perfect for the season! :)

the finished product:

  • a black, vintage, button-up sweater with 4 new anchor buttons, 2 pockets to keep my hands warm, & sleeves that can easily be rolled up to be worn with happiness.

*joined in the photos above with:

  1. Victorian vintage ruffle blouse (altered & passed down from lola {grandma})
  2. gray pencil skirt (h&m)
  3. black knee-highs from (h&m)
  4. brown karen scott boots (thanks grammy!)
  5. brown frames (brother jon’s from buff. ex.)
  6. assorted gold jewelry of mine

"minor alterations make.for GREAT transformations!”

~this has been another carissa rae renewal~

hope you enjoyed this mini alteration adventure!

stay tuned.. many more to come!

thanks for reading!


carissa rae