Us - “In the End” cover used for Euro 2012: England’s Exit (aired on BBC for 20+ million viewers)

FULL STORY: Yesterday evening, England played Italy in the Euro 2012, aired on one of Europe’s biggest networks, BBC. The Euro 2012 to Europe is much like the Super Bowl to Americans and last night, over 22.5 million people tuned in to watch the England/Italy quarter final match, as they battled out a Tie in Penalty Kicks. Unfortunately, England lost :(  ….. But right after they lost, BBC aired an “Exit Montage” of England’s best moments throughout the tournament, and they chose to use our cover of “In the End” in the background!  We are honored to be apart of such a special event, and we hope our new friends and listeners in the UK and Europe will continue on listening to our tunes for years to come :)

Our cover was used on Euro 2012! Pretty cool! :)

(Source: HaveYouHeardOfUs.com, via ustheduo)